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In this interview, part two, chat with Phlearn founder, Aaron Nace, we explore pictures of friends, (dressed as clowns) to politically inspired, visually stimulating, images…

And telling stories with composite photos of cuddly creatures playing hide-and-seek with kids…

Aaron is clearly someone who enjoys his life, his work and his photography.

As the founder of Phlearn, Aaron has not only created a world-class professional teaching platform for students around the world interested in Photoshop and Lightroom skills;

He’s created a great place to work for himself and other creatives.

With over 600 tutorials and 1.8 million subscribers on YouTube, and counting, today, the Phlearn platform reaches folks through the power of video and tutorial in 149 countries from their base in Chicago.

In this episode, we explore more of Aaron’s journey, as a photographer and as an entrepreneur, and why he is so passionate about making his life and workplace a fun and exciting place to be everyday.

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