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Our own creative process can reveal to each of us something unique, which we didn’t know already about human nature.

When we get stuck with our creativity, often it’s because we’ve stopped asking questions.

Questions from a place of curiosity - questions that ultimately lead to a story.

Almost all art tells a story.

In this short action episode, painter and theatre director, John Link, describes the similarities and differences between these creative disciplines, for him.

Hear how your own creative process can lead towards a new story;

One that could not only inspire others, yet teach you more about you, and human nature.

Items mentioned in this episode (quick access):

[00:42] Introducing this short action episode.

[02:08] John Link reflecting upon his creative process.

[02:43] Confronting a space. Asking questions.

[03:33] How filling a space creates a story.

[05:15] What creativity can teach you about human nature.

[06:18] Summarising this short action episode.

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